7 healthy habits you should adopt this new year

The new year has come, and we all have a long list of resolutions. We are going to stick to some of them throughout this year and break them between. We all are health conscious at some point of time. And we all keep searching new ways to be healthy on the internet. While there will be always a debate going on about what to eat to be healthy and what not. And honestly, it’s too boring. And the discussion on exercise is a lot more boring too. But, there are 7 things we all can do to keep ourselves healthy. And surprisingly more or less each one of us is going to agree in these seven tips. So here we go with our list of 7 tips to be a healthier person throughout the year and our lives too.

What are the seven things we can do to keep us healthy?

  • Eat REAL food: – You are reading this article and then suddenly you see something like this (REAL food), and you get all confused now about what real food is. Well by real food we mean foods that will go bad if you eat outside for a couple of days. Real foods are the foods that we can hunt, pluck or something we can collect from nature. If you are shopping online, make use to coupons to get discounts.

We think that the quality of the food you are consuming is more important than calculating the proportions of carbs, proteins and fats in it. If you cut out the junk foods from your diet, your regular carb intake will become low automatically. Similarly, if the quality of your food is right then, it will improve your microbiome. And this will automatically improve everything else.

  • Exercises: – Do we really need to talk about it? There are tons of exercises, and all of them has its advantages and disadvantages. But the most vital thing is to exercise. Anything like walking, running, Unicycling, belly dancing, climbing stairs, skipping where do the work.

Don’t get confused between exercises for keeping you healthy and exercises for weight loss. Walking for a mile everyday owned get you to the cover pages of health magazines. But it will help to grow new brain cells and will reduce the chances of cancer, depression and a lot more.

  • Using supplements: – People think that supplements or not always that good for their health. They think they don’t need any supplements to keep themselves healthy. The even believe that supplements are harmful to the health, so they try to avoid using them. Yes, we agree you don’t need any supplements. But you don’t need the luxurious decorations in your house too, do you? Look using are consuming excessive supplements will make an adverse effect and your health. But there are supplements like the Alpha lipoic acid which are not present in your regular food but are essential for your body health. So, we consider necessary supplementation like fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium to include in your daily diet. The rest is up to you.
  • Manage stress and sleep: – This is something significant to keep yourself healthy. Stress is one of the leading causes of a lot of diseases like obesity. It even causes acne. And much pressure will make the recovery process of any illness slower than you think. To manage your stress, have a good night sleep.
  •    Relationship: – People who don’t smoke drink or doesn’t have any addiction. In simple words, people who are dedicated to keeping themselves healthy are surrounded by people who have the same mindsets in most of the cases. So, choose your surroundings wisely. It is something we all know. Well, more to it research says that people who have strong social relationship bonds are much healthier than people who keep themselves isolated from the others. So, you don’t need to keep yourself isolated from the others. Make strong social bonds.
  •    Contributions: – Psychology says people who care about something that is not a part of them, or in other words caring for something out of them are healthier than the others. By contributing in something that is not yours, helps you to lead a healthier life.
  •    Choose your words: – Choosing your words are a crucial thing to keep yourself healthy. Choose your words correctly when you are talking with someone. Try to be calm and composed enough so that you can understand situations are the importance of the cases more greatly. Like we said social bonding is another important thing to keep yourself healthy. Choosing your words will help you make your social bonds stronger and live healthier.

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