Add Exercises to your Office Routine to Stay Fit and Healthy

It could be relatively hard to exercise during the weekdays when you would be working. Moreover, despite you exercising before or after working, you would probably still be spending a majority of your time sitting in the chair and having that feeling of being unhealthy. However, you could keep yourself active and moving through the working hours by doing some simple, short and small exercises while sitting at the desk or even around the office floor.

You could strategize your workout at work, plan your day and add exercises to your routine. Some of the exercises have been mentioned below for your perusal.

The Sitting Exercises

You could make the most of some of the sitting exercises while at work. These would be useful for your workout at work needs.

  • Replace the Office Chair with a Stability Ball

You should rest assured that replacing the office chair with a stability ball would help you use more muscles as compared to sitting on an office chair. You would be using your back and abdomen to keep you upright. It would be a great mode for lower back stretches at work along with making you keep the right posture.

  • Arms and Hands Exercises

You could squeeze a hand gripper for hand and arm exercises. The duration of squeezing the gripper would be based on the amount of tougher exercise you intend to do while at work. You could also do a bicep curl with a full water bottle or heavy stapler.

  • Abdomen and Back Exercises

While sitting on your office chair, you could do a leg raise under the desk. You could also squat over the office chair. You could use the muscles of your thighs to pull yourself up from the chair while taking the support of your hands resting on the armrest of the chair. It would be good for lower back stretches at work.

The standing exercises

You could also make the most of standing exercises while at work.

  • Leg Lifts

You should do leg lifts, which would be a great workout at work for your glutes.

  • Standing Pushups

You could do inclined pushups when you actually wait for the printer. You could also do one leg squat for lower back stretches at work. Calf raise would be yet another exercise for your leg exercises needs.

It would be pertinent that you add basic exercises to your routine to keep you fit and healthy. You could start with taking the stairs rather than the elevator, walk to your office if you reside close by, and find opportunities to stand and walk during your office hours.

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