All About Rhinoplasty Surgery – Top Things to Take Care of And to Avoid After Surgery!

Rhinoplasty is commonly known as nose reshaping. It is the procedure for correcting the structure and appearance of the nose. In some cases, it is conducted to improve the functioning off the nose itself.

The remodelling or reconstruction is done to either increase or decrease the size of the nose, as per the needs. Reconstruction also allows for correcting the size of the nostrils, for shaping the nose tip, or even for correcting the angle.

This kind of surgery can be very useful even in correcting nose injuries, birth defects, and even helps people having issues with breathing. In the following section, let us explore more about this kind of plastiikkakirurgia and required care to be taken after that.

Important basics on Rhinoplasty you need to know

There is no generalized or unique nose surgery method that can respond to each and every need of the patient. Nose reshaping is usually performed on every patient differently. The surgery is adjusted according to specific requirements of the patient.

There are two major access points for changing the shape, they are open method and closed one. In the closed rhinoplasty, incision is generally made in skin, nose, as well as subdermal tissues that are separated from underlying structures for modelling skeleton from cartilage and bones. On the other hand, in open method, incision is generally made in columella skin.

If patients even have problems with breathing through nose, it can also be corrected intranasally during same process called septoplasty. The procedure is normally performed under general anaesthesia.

How can swelling be reduced after Rhinoplasty?

The patients are likely given a steroid immediately after the surgery right in the operating room. They are even given bromelain and arnica that are two major healing supplements. Ice can be good for first 48 hours. The patient should limit their activities and should even sleep with their head elevated.

All these recommendations must be followed to reduce swelling just within the first 48 hours or even first week. In case of excessive swelling in first week, it may take a bit longer for going down if proper steps are taken as mentioned above.

Can you smile immediately after surgery?

While smiling may be fine in the smaller doses, avoid excessive laughing. It is even recommended to avoid eating foods that needs your mouth to be opened big. In short, anything that may distort shape of your nose must be avoided.

Rhinoplasty must be performed by an experienced and reliable nose surgeon. You can always trust The Health Clinic to ensure desired results without any kind of hassles.

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