Are you using the right floor cleaner?

The floor cleaner you use must not merely clear the surface of dust and grime – it must also kill germs and microbes that cause diseases.

The floor covers the largest area of your home, and it is also the dirtiest surface. It gets walked upon all day, food and liquids fall on it, dust and dirt settle on it. It must be cleaned every day to ensure good home hygiene, or the same dirt and grime keep moving about with your feet and shoes. A well cleaned floor sparkles and makes the rest of the house look clean as well.

But are you using the right floor cleaner for your floors? Some are too harsh, while others are too mild. Only the right one can offer a mix of good fragrance, effective cleaning action and germ-elimination as well.

The ideal floor cleaner for your home…

Most people tend to buy floor cleaners that are scented, and which impart a fragrance to the floor once they are used. These are certainly good attributes to have in a floor cleaning detergent or powder. However, most products in this category are scarcely capable of doing more than provide fragrance.

Others, which use phenol or bleach as a base cleaning ingredient, may be more effective in cleaning the floors by removing surface grime and dirt. However, these are harsh chemicals that are not recommended for household use. In fact, phenol-based cleaners are said to be carcinogenic in nature. They may harm young children and pets, and also induce respiratory distress in those suffering from bronchial or asthmatic issues.

You should get a floor cleaner that only removes surface dirt and dust, but also rids the floor of any infectious or disease-causing germs. Leading home care brands in India manufacture floor cleaners that offer the highest levels of disinfection – up to 99.9% germs are killed on the floor within seconds – and utmost safety for all users of the house. Thus, you get the cleanest floor every time you mop it.

How to use the germicidal floor cleaner?

  • Sweep or vacuum the floors thoroughly before wiping with floor cleaning solution.
  • Follow the instructions on the pack closely. Use one capful of the floor cleaner in a bucket of water and mix well.
  • Open the doors and windows so that natural air and sunlight can filter into the house.
  • Mop the floor thoroughly with the disinfectant floor cleaner liquid solution. Start from the corners of the room and cover every inch of the floors till you reach the door. Close the door behind you and go to the next room.
  • Allow the floor to air dry. Do not walk on the floor till it is completely dry.
  • Discard the used cleaning liquid in the toilet and flush off.
  • Follow a system of daily cleaning during flu and cold season.

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