Can CBD Help Your Dog Sleep Better?

Dogs often have a problem getting a good night’s sleep. Most dogs sleep for anything between 12 and 20 hours per day, depending on their age. If he is not getting enough rest it could be a sign of an underlying problem. With your dog getting less sleep at night, you are probably also remaining awake, as he traipses around your home. This resource explains why CBD may be the right solution to help your dog sleep better.

There are various reasons why your dog is not getting a good night’s rest. Whatever those may be it is highly likely that CBD will be able to help him, but first take him to the veterinarian for a good check up.

  • Arthritis

This is a common problem in older dogs and those with weight problems. Arthritis is very uncomfortable for them as they suffer when they walk or sit and you will notice that he doesn’t want to play catch anymore. Lying down on his bed will also be uncomfortable and hurt his legs so he will be restless and in pain.  Most anti-inflammatory medications prescribed to dogs cause severe side effects. Since CBD has no side effects and it is an anti-inflammatory, it has become the popular choice for many pet owners.

  • Anxiety

CBD oil helps calm dogs down and relieves the symptoms of anxiety. Like us humans, dogs can suffer from separation anxiety and also fear new situations or places. They don’t always travel well and can suffer from stress during thunderstorms and fireworks displays. Stress and anxiety can also deprive your dog of sleep. Since CBD has a calming effect, it will help your pet sleep better.

  • Allergies and Itchiness

Dogs are very prone to allergies. These make then uncomfortable as they have a constant need to scratch and might have difficulties breathing. These symptoms make it very difficult for them to rest. CBD oil is a wonderful remedy for the symptoms of allergies. It helps by increasing sebum production, which helps relieve any itching and his asthma symptoms, making breathing easier.

Is CBD oil a healthy choice?

Organic hemp plants are used to produce the highest quality BD oil that has very low levels of THC, so it won’t have a psychoactive effect on your dog.  It is a healthy alternative to many prescription medications as it has no known side effects. It is a wonderful supplement for dogs.

The only thing that you have to worry about is getting the dosage correct by always following the guidelines on the packaging or what your vet recommends. Always start with the smallest possible dosage for the breed and weight of your dog. For the first few days watch your dog closely to ensure that he is not having any adverse side effects.

Not all dogs need CBD, but those that have health problems which are disturbing their sleep patterns will greatly benefit.

Where to purchase CBD Pet Products from

Since CBD is the product derived from the whole hemp plant extraction, be careful when purchasing products online or from stores.

Read the labels carefully to know how concentrated the product is, and that it is manufactured in the U.S. using organically grown hemp. Be wary of imported products or those that are much cheaper. Asian imports have high levels of pesticides and toxins as they are grown close to industrial areas and there is less quality control – so ensure that the products that you are purchasing are certified.

The sleep/wake cycles of animals appear not to be affected adversely by CBD, which is rather encouraging.  Sites like, help by having a comprehensive list of products available in the U.S. and you can compare the various products to find the one best suited for your dog’s needs.

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