Helpful Tantra Massage Tips For Releasing Blockages And Converting It Into Life Energy

Tantric massage means loving touch given from heart. It is an energetic massage, which stimulates sexual energy. The whole body participates along with erogenous zones, establishing an intimate connection with receiver and masseur. The aim is to bring receiver in natural ecstatic state. As a result, the receiver feels relaxed, both mentally and physically.

Tantra massage technique is different, unlike any other. It is all about what is necessary or appropriate. The receivers need at that moment is taken into consideration. Love has the right response, and so in tantric massage the giver keeps tuning in the customers heart with different love frequencies.

A good tantric therapist respects boundaries. There will be a clear agreement between the masseur and the recipient, before the massage session. This is for getting the clear understanding of mental and physical boundaries that they will need to adhere to. Many people have the misconceptions about tantric massages that they are only concentrated on sexual organs like the breasts and vagina, which lead to eventually having sex. This is a totally unfounded misconception among the people, who have absolutely no idea about how tantric massages work.

Tantra massage tips

Start with heart chakra

Nothing is fixed, but starting a massage with stimulating heart chakra is recommended. Opening and activating heart energy is perfect. In men, the heart is often closed. Heart energy can be lowered gently and sustained, while opening sex chakra.

Massage triggers

While activating sexual and emotional energy, the feeling of awareness as well as safety is necessary. Many situations get experienced in life that limit life energy. Thus, your energy system gets separated, stored, and frozen, which is unable to budge or fight even in high impact circumstances.

Precise touch massage technique releases frozen energy and muscle tensions produce some kinds of reactions. Loosening up too much energy quickly is not prudent. Awareness and tender adaptation ensures good results.

Be alert to repeated freezing moments

When a repetition of frozen moments arise, during Tantric massage, the receiver freezes again and does not respond. This clearly means that the giver is not properly attuned to see this. This activation can go beyond imagination and can cross all limitations. So, both the masseur and receiver, needs to be aware of this condition. Once again the features to consider are good communication and clear agreements regarding limitations. In addition, a need for enough feedback and mixing traumas during massage.

Be cautious, no sex

As your massage session moves further, receiver feels more released and free. Confidence in the giver increases with progressive intimacy, which can lead to desirable sexuality in both. Displaying sexuality is OK, but sexual acts for pleasure are a big NO in Tantric massage.

No discharge but get recharged

Tantric massage does not trigger sexual energy for discharge, but to get recharged. Sexual energy gets released and is added to life energy, which flows in the body. Your body gets charged energetically with heart and body orgasms. You need to allow emotions from heart flow freely and feel the orgasm that is taking place in your heart. In body orgasm, you feel deep relaxation, so you surrender freely without any me-ego. Never hesitate to give and receive.

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This blog post has been written by James Oliver. Somananda Tantra School in Estonia is a place where interested people can learn to be a tantric healer. The tantric massage teacher training course is designed to offer spiritually oriented candidates a unique opportunity of gaining transformative knowledge and skills. They can then conduct tantric massage practice confidently with spiritual integrity.

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