How CBD is made and why quality matters

A key player in the CBD industry, Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP) revealed exactly how CBD hemp oil and related products are made. This comes at a time when many new companies are looking to them for guidance on quality leadership – and to secure much needed natural resources that are difficult to procure. According to research aggregated on the site, cannabidiol (CBD) has been proven to have many impressive medical uses and is one of the hundred active compounds found in the hemp plant.

Since the extraction method for CBD hemp oil allows for the separation of THC – the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant – manufacturers of supplements, medicinal and beauty products have discovered many wonderful uses for consumers looking to enhance their wellbeing and for those who are looking for effective beauty treatments.

CBD isolate and hemp raw products need to be of the highest quality in order for consumers to reap the full benefits from the plethora of products available on the market.

How CBD oil is made

The quality and yield at the end of the extraction process depends on the source – the hemp plant, which contains substantial amounts of CBD. Over the decades, many growers have patented strains of hemp or cannabis, some of which have come to be appealing to consumers.

The highest quality CBD oil comes from carefully chosen hemp plants that are GMO free which are natured and cultivated with the greatest care.

Certain products require CBD oil-infused products which come from whole plant extraction, while others are made from isolates. Whole plant extraction is generally preferred by members of the medical community since these oils yield the entire spectrum of cannabinoids needed by the endocannabinoid system within humans and other mammals.

Isolates extraction offers unadulterated, effective CBD compounds as long as the hemp is of the best quality.

Alcohol extraction is the original method discovered by Rick Simpson.

Soaking in grain alcohol (mostly ethanol) is a modified version of the original extraction method. The hemp plant is well soaked and then the solvent, which contains profuse amounts of cannabinoids, is vaporized, resulting in CBD hemp oil. This oil is best for use on its own and in other edible products.  The procedure used to speed up the evaporation process is known as ‘Roto-Vap’ and it separates the CBD hemp oil into a separate chamber, while securing the ethanol for later reprocessing.

CO² extraction is a far more complicated extraction method, which forces CO² through the hemp plant. This method requires specialized tools and knowledge as the method uses controlled temperatures and pressure. The resulting cannabinoid solutions are separate splits which are collected in individual chambers and can each be used in different products.

Dilution and flavoring is the next vital step, as the extracted CBD is initially not palatable. This step will render the oil with flavorings and adjust its potency depending on the product that the oil is required for.

Issues with bad quality

The opioid crisis in America has led an ever increasing number of patients and physicians to adopt CBD as a mainstream alternative to prescription medications. The public needs to be forewarned that not everything that is labeled as a CBD product will necessarily mean that it is pure and natural. They especially need to be wary and suspicious of cheaper products, as the production of good quality cannabidiol products is not a cheap process.

It is imperative that before any product is purchased, whether bought over-the counter or online, that the consumer ascertains where the hemp plants were sourced from, how the CBD oil was extracted and most importantly, inspect their certificates of analysis (CoA).

The best CBD oil comes from hemp plants that are non-GMO certified and are absolutely pesticide free. Many plants and oils imported from Asia are not only non-GMO varieties, but also test at very high levels of pesticides and toxins.

Warnings about Chinese CBD oil products and their poor quality have been circulating for some time now. The plants used are extremely contaminated by industrial chemicals from nearby industries and the products lack in potency.

The CoA will show if the products have high levels of the above but will also show results for: potency, terpene profiling, residual solvents and others.

Consumers also need to understand the difference between isolates (less potent) and full-spectrum     (higher potency) CBD products. They are each effective but indicated for different ailments by physicians.

Doctors insist that in order for the CBD user to get the full health benefits out of any treatment, especially since doctors also prescribe to the elderly and children too, they must be regulated and of the highest pharmaceutical grade.

CBD consumers often have chronic health issues which require them to make long-term repeat purchases of a product. If the quality of the product is not consistent, they may suffer health issues over time and that is why more and more producers of CBD oil products in the USA are seeking to source the best locally grown hemp plants for their extractions.

About Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP)

IHP was created in order for American and European CBD manufacturers to have access to important natural ingredients, to ensure that they produce excellent quality products, made from the highest quality hemp. IHP has been around since the inception of the industry, at the time there were five major global CBD brands. These companies have been helped immensely by working together and they have seen a boost in revenues, while they have managed to keep their supply of high quality products consistent.

In this way they work together to closely monitor some critical components within the industry, ensuring that the CBD industry remains a service driven one. Together they focus on establishing long-term relationships with trusted farmers and ensure that the best extraction methods are practiced. The freighting and selling of the raw products, including the isolates reaches many satisfied clients around the globe.


Producing high quality CBD is the only way forward, since only then will people experience the benefits of the product. The inner workings of the industry are intricate and demanding, especially since it deals with the wellbeing of individuals with many different health needs. Beginners and companies trying o go it alone will find that this it is difficult to penetrate this market and its demands, which include decades of experience, money for research and marketing. CBD consumers expect to receive a pure, uncontaminated product and it is up to the big players in the industry to deliver that.

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