Is Substance Abuse Hereditary or Learned Behaviour Nature VS Nurture

In 2019, nearly 20 million people from the ages of 12 and up suffer from substance abuse disorder. Men and women from all walks of life struggle publicly and privately with problems of addiction, whether its alcohol. Opiates, prescription drugs and other illicit substances/ abuse of this kind can impact individuals from all over the world, from social and family life to their relationships at work or in education. This can lead into a need to go to alcohol rehab for treatment As individuals continue to face the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse the friends and family members would often wonder what caused the addiction to develop.

The Spectrum of Substance Use

Like a great many medical conditions, the signs and symptoms of substance abuse can take a little while to become apparent, many people might not realise that there is a difference between addiction, substance abuse and substance dependency. Though you might hear that people use these words interchangeably, there is a well appreciated difference between addiction and dependency as definition. There is also a clear difference between abuse and excessive use.

Manny people use alcohol and drugs in daily life to socialise and enjoy the effects. Using a drug or drinking alcohol doesn’t mean that that person will be an addict or a drug abuser. Someone may occasionally drink at a social gathering or smoke marijuana with a group of friends is not a drug addict or an abuser, in fact this is true from someone who occasionally does these things to the excess.

Though scientists have determined genetics contribute to half of an individual’s likelihood of developing alcoholism. They are yet to identify specific genes which are responsible to the road to addiction or dependent – or also ones which make a person less likely to be an addict they believe that it’s multiple genes at play here – and some are more prevalent in certain ethnicities, such as people of Native American or East Asian descents. These genes can play a big impact on the effectiveness of alcoholism treatment.

Substance abuse doesn’t need a hereditary component to encourage an individual to use or abuse drugs. Many individuals can get exposed to drug and alcohol use on a daily basis. They have many family members or friends who drink or do drugs. Hey see examples of substance abuse throughout television shows or movies, their interaction on social media can even factor into substance abuse and usage.

Alcohol in the media is generally portrayed as positive. Those who drink in TV shows are shown in positive situations and possess desirable attributes – they are usually exempt from the negative consequences. Estimates show that there is at least one scene in an American TV show every 22 seconds which involves drinking alcohol. The more frequently that people get exposed to drinking in favorable situations eh more likely that they are construct positive beliefs about drinking and drink excessively as adults. It’s important that we are mindful of our environment and people we are responsible for environment.

When problems develop its important that people get the necessary drug treatment.

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