Plus-Size People and Puffy Mattress: Choosing the Best Foam for Heavy People

We all have different choices when it comes to mattresses, and that includes sleeping pattern, position, firmness of the bed, durability, comfort, size and shape. All of these factors will account for when a plus size person is choosing their preferred mattress.

According to scientific research conducted by SleepLikeTheDead, people between 150-250 pounds should use 10-14 inch mattresses for maximum comfort and overall satisfaction. 6-8 inch mattresses are too thin to be comfortable. People between 250-400 pounds should use 12-15 inch foams. Mattress ranging 6-8 inches are considered poor quality in regards to ranking. When it comes to surveys, plus size people give the highest rating to memory foams and latex. What does this mean for people going mattress shopping? When it comes to comfort, the consistency of its thickness is always important. When it comes to the best mattress for plus size people, the average thickness is around 12 inches. People weighing 200 pounds and below can use 10-12 inches depending on their preference. The reason for this is the thicker the foam, the better contour it can give to the user’s body, and it can provide better pressure relief. Overall, the best foams to use, regardless of the size of the user are memory foam and latex. They are ranked as 1st and 2nd respectively. There are reasons why these two are considered the best. The first reason is the materials used in memory foams and latex are much better at preventing pressure and contouring compared to spring beds. And not only that, latex and memory foams last longer than their counterparts like spring beds and water beds.

How to pick the best mattress for plus-size people

Don’t be ashamed when going mattress shopping if you’re a “plus-size”. No one is going to stop you from getting the best and most comfortable foam that you deserve. Don’t mind the people who make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Just remember that salesperson working in stores are sometimes not that well-versed when it comes to bed options that’s why you have to do your research, learn more about different kinds of foam materials, check how they perform when used by plus-size people and of course always check online reviews. There are certain qualities you have to look for when shopping for a mattress:

Thickness – If you are a plus-size, you need to buy 12-15 inch mattresses. You also have to check its firmness since they hold up better over time. You can use a topper for added softness.

Quality – Buy high-quality foams because they don’t break down quickly.

Durability – Make sure that the bed or foam you are buying can support at least two people. Make sure your mattress has a solid foundation and adjustable base to hold you and your partner’s weight.

Price – When buying mattresses, don’t be ashamed to ask for discounts. Although it will be difficult to find discounted foams for plus-size people, there’s no harm in asking for a discount. You can also use store coupons if you are too ashamed to ask. Try checking websites that offer coupons like  thatcan save you a lot of money, especially if you are buying plus-size items.


One of the most durable and supportive materials today. Good quality latex can offer moderate contouring as well as support. It is also durable and a resilient foam material that can hold up longer compared to other stuff like polyurethane foam.

Memory foam

If you want a suitable foam for pressure point relief, memory foam is the best one for you. Since it does not resist the pressure and molds to the contour of the sleeper, memory foam is the best mattress type for plus-size people. Memory foam is also durable, but slow-response foams are difficult to move on that’s why you also have to ask the sensitivity of the foam you are buying.

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