Relationships: Did you stop being a morning person?

A variety of personal and cultural factors determine when most couples enjoy their private life, whether that is in the morning, evening, during “siesta” time or even spontaneously. There may come a time, however, when things change for some men. If all of a sudden, a man who used to be a morning person – that is, waking up with a healthy morning glory, and that no longer seems to be the case, then it can be disturbing to their partner. In fact, may partners take this very personal, disregarding the fact that the man may have other issues causing this.

Whether there is a substantial difference between cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) in the morning or other parts of the day, is a topic of much discussion and varied opinions. However a good starting point on getting to grips with ED, is to consider broad causes and work with your Doctor to understand what the precise cause of your on ED might be.  Let’s be honest: most people would take action when noticing their morning erections have gone missing, you’re not alone. First, consider potential causes.

Broad physical and psychological causes of ED:

Men may suffer from ED due to either physical or mental causes, or a combination of both. Physical causes typically include things like clogged arteries, heart disease, issues with high cholesterol and blood pressure, being overweight and unfit, being diabetic – or a range of other illnesses that that can influence the circulatory system. Then, when we consider mental or psychological causes, it involves things such as relationship problems, depression and stress – even autoimmune related stress.

Whereas often the underlying cause for ED is physical, the first suspect as far as partners are concerned, is psychological. This is a problem, as they may suspect a relationship problem, cheating or general dis-interest from the male partner who suffers. Remember that not all males who suffer from ED due to physical conditions may look obese, so it is quite normal for their partners to suspect psychological causes.

Dopamine in cases where the cause of ED is psychological:

Of the various ways in which ED is treated, when indeed the problem is psychological, a very popular way these days is to focus on dopamine levels. Whereas dopamine can be related to nutritional issues, with a variety of supplements available to improve performance, there can be many causes for a lack of dopamine.

How dopamine is boosted:

Commercially produced supplements to improve dopamine levels exist. Yet there are several ways to increase levels: Frequent exercise helps a lot, people might think the gym helps with circulation hence physical performance in bed improved – but many times, it is actually due to the release of dopamine. Other things such as meditation, a good massage, good quality sleep – and specific diet adjustments are also effective.


Remember it is never good to jump to conclusions about why you – or your partner, may suffer from ED. You do not simply take something from your buddy at the gym to treat ED: your health should come first. There is a huge difference when a fit and healthy person suffers from ED, or when someone with various obvious underlying illnesses have ED. So instead of making a self-diagnosis, consult with a Doctor to explore those underlying causes. Then treat it with the best possible combination. Millions of people overcome ED problems daily – the right solution could be just around the corner.

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