Role of Artistic Skills in the Hair Transplantation

Unlike the other plastic and cosmetic surgery, the procedure of hair transplantation requires an extreme and enhanced practice management with the aspect of the medical understanding and surgical precision (artistic & technical). To perform the surgery, it is mandatory for a Surgeon that they must have plastic & cosmetic surgery degree, i.e., the surgeon must hold the M.S and M Ch degree for with the great practical experience towards fulfilling the satisfactory outcome of the surgery. The hair transplant surgery involves the best understanding towards technical and surgical expertise and hence it must be pre-cleared that how much area to be covered and what technique should be opted in order to offer the best practical result of the procedure. The best hair transplant Doctors in India regularly visit the foreign nation to explore the idea as well as deliver their innovative and advanced method of practicing among world’s best surgeons to enhance knowledge and skills of the restoration field.

The Technical approach of the Restoration Procedure:

The shifting of hair roots from one area to another in the scalp is facilitated by the process of transferring the same via the extraction method. The extraction method involved in the hair transplant/restoration procedure is performed by the two methods known as the FUT (follicular unit transplant) and the FUE (follicular unit extraction). Both the techniques are better to harvest the roots, but their feasibility and adaptability are determined by the area that is needed to be covered and the state of patient’s baldness as well as their medical condition to present the case of hair loss. However, the causes and state of hair loss greatly influence the technique decision in the procedure. The success rate of the harvesting process greatly depends on the practiced technique as the root extraction has a higher strength with the FUT or the strip method rather than the FUE extraction. So, the technical competency of the procedure can extensively rate by the opted technique of the surgery. The technical approach is not just limited to the extraction part, but it extends to the suturing of incision part in such a manner that the result offers you a scarless effect. The FUE is free from the incision and suture part, but it doesn’t mean that it is a non-surgical procedure. As a matter of fact, both the techniques are surgical because they involve the extraction of roots that subsequently gives the chances of scar in the donor area. Therefore, the technical strength is rated on achieving the scarless, hair restoration result and hence the role of the Trichophytic closure cannot be ignored in the surgery. The Trichophytic closure is involved with the strip method when the incision area is needed to be closed. This advanced closing technique facilitates the overlapping the incision area in such a way that the hair grows just onto the edges of the incision that allows a scarless transplantation result.

The Artistic/Aesthetic Understanding of the Procedure:

The artistic concern in the surgery is divided into 3 categories of the restoration job that are hairline design, recipient site creation, and final the implantation job. The artistic or aesthetic job of the surgery gives a vital support in the procedure to achieve the utmost natural result. It is mandatory to offer such pattern of the hairline that greatly satisfies the natural regrowth of hair. The pattern should be irregular and the angle and direction of the implanted hair roots must match the natural shifting.

What is important for offering the Aesthetic outcome of the surgery?

  • Angle & Direction: The angle and the direction of placing the root in the hair transplantation should follow the natural shifting and in such a way a surgeon could achieve the desirable goal of the procedure. The placement of the graft is the core concerning job in the surgery that must be performed by the expert surgeon.
  • Recipient site creation: The recipient site creation that is also known as the slit formation requires an extreme precision and perfection towards making the point or place for the root implantation. The slit hole decides the root direction for the placement job.
  • The placement of the Graft: The implantation job extremely demanding for the aesthetic skill perfection and hence a doctor must overview the length of the area needs to be covered and the available number of extracted roots and carefully place each follicular unit in such a manner that the scalp gets covered aesthetically.


The procedure of the hair restoration is a full set of surgical and artistic job that needs an expert hand and précised surgical skills, both in terms of the artistic and surgical understanding towards fulfilling the desirable cosmetic plan of the procedure.

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