Senior Care Franchise Opportunity in Tulsa Oklahoma

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that there were 646,266 people in Tulsa County, Oklahoma as of July 1, 2017, and the Vintage 2017 Population Estimates Program estimates that about 14 percent of the county’s population was aged 65 or older. With these numbers, it is clear that taking advantage of a senior care franchise opportunity in Tulsa Oklahoma is a good idea.

Our organization has built a comprehensive support system for families to help them find the right care for their elder members. We make a positive impact on the lives of many people in our communities and make a living at the same time. What is a better type of business than that?

Our business model is home-based. It allows you to do your work with low overhead and minimal operating expenses. It is a professional services concept that you can use to successfully run your business.

We understand the industry inside and out, and we understand the market and our customer base. As a franchisee, you will benefit from our experience, and your clients will benefit from the commitment to providing them with the information they need to make the right decisions for their loved one, and from your sense of compassion and care.

Franchisees put our proven marketing and community awareness model into practice. It will help you locate clients and chances to share our services. You can operate as a sole proprietor, but you will need someone to handle the paperwork, documentation, and other daily operating tasks.

This might be something you could do with your spouse, and many of our franchisees do just that. Although our franchisees are different, they are united in their commitment to help others and in providing professional insight and direction to families who have to make a difficult choice.

We assist families with many aspects of senior care, such as finding the right home health agency or caregiver, and memory care or skilled nursing facilities. We help our clients with difficult discussions about transitions for their loved one, and we handle all types of tasks related to helping clients find the right care.

As a franchisee, you will spend much of your time researching different care options and whether facilities have citations against them from the state. You will stay current on what is available in your community for elders and their families, and you will tour different facilities and speak to their staff members. You will have ongoing relationships with different care providers in your community and then bring all of this information to your clients so they can make the right choice. You provide direction and assistance in narrowing down options for them.

Contact us when you’re ready to take advantage of this senior care franchise opportunity in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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