The Health Benefits of Essiac tea?

Essiac tea is a herbal remedy which is originated in Ontario, Canada. Originally, Essiac tea blend is discovered by Ontario Ojibwa. But, this Essiac tea is promoted by Renee Caisse.

The Essiac name is actually the nurse name which is spelt backwards. This herbal remedy is used by indigenous people of Canada. Although this process yielded promising results it was unregulated by medical authorities.

Now, if you keep reading this article means you will find all the curious information about the Essiac tea including its health benefits.

What is Essiac tea?

Essiac tea is a herbal drink which is prepared by boiling four herbs. These herbs are having biochemical properties but together they create a symbiotic effect which is much more than individual herb.

This Essiac tea is made of following herbs:

  •    Burdock Root.
  •    Sheep Sorrel.
  •    Slippery elm.
  •    Indian rhubarb.

This Essiac tea can be bought as powder or liquid which can be mixed with water. You can purchase Essiac tea bags from your general stores or websites these days. The manufactures of Essiac tea says that you can take Essiac tea for a period of two years.

If you are drinking these Essiac tea means be careful in dosage. Because, if you increase your dosage means you will get some side effects.

Now, let’s quickly move into the Essiac tea benefits.

Health Benefits of Essiac tea:

Most of the Essiac tea manufacture stats that Essiac tea can be used to treat cancer, HIV and Aids, Diabetes, etc. In general, there is a number of benefits in this Essiac tea.

Anti-oxidant: The four herbs which are used to make Essiac tea contain lots of anti-oxidants like beta-Seri carotene, tannins, selenium, and vitamins A, C and E which can reduce oxidation stress of human body.

Usually, patients who are suffering from cancer will go through lots of radical activities which tends to cause oxidation stress. Now, with the vitamins and anti-oxidants available in 4 herbs can help you reduce the free radical activity of your body.

Anti-inflammatory: Essiac tea can help you to relieve pain and swelling which is associated with common inflammations.

Anti-Bacterial: This tea is having special properties to do combat with bacteria strains. It can prevent the release of pro-inflammatory molecules and can help to stop bacteria.

Immune stimulant: Essiac tea is helpful to protect human immune systems. Research shows that Essiac tea is having required oxidants to increase immune cells.

Apart from these primary benefits.

Essiac tea can also help with following benefits:

  •    It can prevent tumour growth.
  •    Essiac tea may reduce cellular mutation.
  •    Soothe Pulmonary Conditions.
  •    It promotes digestive efficiency and eliminates disease symptoms.
  •    Clears harmful bacteria and speed up the digestive process.
  •    Detoxifies your blood.
  •    Promote weight loss.
  •    Improve metabolic functions and prevent fat.

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