Types of Drug Treatment Programs for Drug Addiction

The toughest step for people struggling through drug addiction is recognizing the problem and deciding to overcome through the trap of drug addiction, however once decide to make change and take step towards drug addiction; the next task is how to overcome through it. There are different types of Drug addiction program which can help you recover from drug addiction. Treatment can vary according to the type of drug and may include different elements like detoxification, behavioral counselling, Medication, Long-term follow-up etc. Here is the list of Drug Treatment Programs which can help get rid of drug addiction.

  • Residential Treatment –

Residential Treatment is type of treatment where, you have to get away from your regular work or school and live in facility. The facility will provide you an intensive drug addiction treatment, which can last for about few days to number of months.

  • Day treatment or Partial Hospitalization –

This treatment involves treatment for seven to eight hours a day and you can live a normal life. So people you wish to live a normal Life undergoing medical treatment can go for Partial Hospitalization or Day Treatment. You can still live at home and have stable Lifestyle.

  • Outpatient Treatment –

Outpatient Treatment focuses mainly on Relapse prevention. It is scheduled around the work or school. The treatment is carried out during Day and evening, and do not require staying overnight.

  • Sober Living Communities –

Sober Living Communities involves intensive treatment such as Residential Treatment Program. It follows treatment, where you live with the other drug addicts in safe environment. Sober Living Communities provide sober and Drug-free Environment. You can find many Sober-living Facilities in US, including Arizona Recovery Housing Association.

These were some treatment options, but keep in mind some points which we have mentioned below:-

  • No treatment works completely for everyone, every person needs different requirements and treatment elements so you should carefully choose the right treatment for you.
  • Commitment and follow-through is much important while going to treatment, it involves longer and more intense program, so long-term follow-up care is crucial.
  • Treatment should address more than just your drug abuse, you should be able to cope with the problems and find new way to life your life-happily.
  • There many other options like counsellors, who take counselling and inspire person to live a normal life again.

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