Where Are Custom Ear Models Used?

Custom made stuff is always a better fit, from clothes, shoes to vehicle seat covers etc. Hearing protection can be custom-made too. Custom ear models are designed from impressions of your auditory canal and the concha area of the outer ear. As the models adhere properly to the shape of your ears, they give you perfect fit and maximum protection. These ear models have different uses.

Here are some of the uses for custom ear models:

  1. Hunters Earplugs

Persons who are hunters, in law enforcement or just gun enthusiasts are at high risk of losing their hearing each time they fire their guns. One gunshot may lead to permanent and incurable hearing loss because a gunshot is louder than a jet engine by 20 decibels. Custom designed hunter’s earplugs work by using acoustic filters that increase ambient sound, letting the user hear the surrounding noise more clearly. When the shot is taken, the acoustic filters soften the noise to guard the ears. They have a valve that shuts automatically when its hit by a sound wave, thus limiting the effect of the sound.

  1. Musicians Earplugs

Musical artists are highly susceptible to losing their sense of hearing due to the frequent exposure to sound that usually has high decibel levels. To guard the hearing, the musicians require earplugs that curb the quantity of harmful noise, but still let them hear music clearly and naturally. Musician’s earplugs are used to achieve this purpose. High-fidelity earplugs for musicians lessen noise evenly, and still maintain the quality, so that music and speech is not distorted or muffled. These custom ear plugs have several interchangeable attenuators and filters that provide different levels of noise protection. The musician can change the sound protection levels depending on the kind of musical instrument and the venue.

  1. Swimmers Earplugs

People who take part in water activities frequently are at risk of getting an uncomfortable ear infection called “swimmer’s ear”. This itchy infection may cause another condition known as “surfer’s ear” which exhibits narrowing of ear canals due to thickened bones. Given that these conditions are not treated appropriately, hearing loss may occur. Keeping the ears adequately dry is important for preventing any infections that can make life uncomfortable. To achieve this, the best way is to put on custom-made swimmer’s earplugs.

These specially designed plugs protect the swimmer’s ears by blocking water from penetrating into the ear canals. The swimmer’s earplugs are made of waterproof silicone, which provides a tight seal on the opening of the auditory canal to keep water out. These earplugs are perfect for swimmer’s, rafters, surfers and snorkelers. Also, they can be used to protect the ears when taking a bath or showering.

Apart from being used for making earplugs, custom ear models are used in earpieces, headphones and stethoscopes. Medical professionals, pilots, journalists, race car drivers, concertgoers, and people in construction also benefit from specially designed ear molds.

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